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REC Alpha Pure Series Solar Panels: Harnessing Sun Power Efficiently and Beautifully

Simon Whitlock
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REC's Alpha Series has market-leading temperature coefficients, so on these hot days in Australia, our panel is producing more than the competitors, so for every square metre of REC panels you put on the roof, you are maximising the generation on your roof.

This statement illustrates why the REC Alpha Pure Series solar panel of REC Solar should be preferred. This innovative Heterojunction product made from the high efficiency of the N-type silicon wafer to generate electricity with low temperature coefficients and low light performance from its amorphous thin film, is the best selling solar panel virtually everywhere on this globe especially in hot Aussie days.

And if you have a small roof – or lack of – its high power density will help you use less space to extract the same amount of energy compared with lower-density panels. Its award-winning half-cut cell technology ensures a more efficient use of the solar cell material, with reduced current-induced heating to maximise energy output and better shade tolerance.

“ REC Solar are a great company to work with. We really love the product, we really love the way it fits with what our customers perceive to be important around performance, leading warranties, and a general commitment to quality that we think fits very well with Enphase.”

But looks aren’t the only benefit of the Alpha Series. The completely black aesthetics – from frame, to cells, to backing – provide a finish that makes old homes look better, and makes new homes look sleek. ‘If you haven’t seen the difference … I think it looks beautiful. It really does. It looks cool’ As a salesman I spoke to put it: ‘aesthetics go a long way’. He explained further: ‘They want their whole exterior to look beautiful … It’s just aesthetics. I mean, human beings, survival instinct … you want to live in a beautiful place, you don’t want to live in a dingy, dirty place; you want to live in any beautiful place. So aesthetics go a long way.’ REC’s Alpha Series looks the part.

Not only are they easy on the eyes but they’re easy on the installer too. A robust frame, accompanied by multiple clamping zones that accommodate a variety of roof profiles, make for quick installation. REC’s guarantees – a product warranty of 25 years, a performance guarantee of 25 years, and a labour warranty of 25 years – ensure that installers and homeowners can trust in the long-term reliability of the Alpha Series.

Finally, the REC Alpha Series is environmentally friendly. These panels are lead-free and RoHS compliant, and they consume less power during production than many alternatives, minimising environmental impact. REC Solar's commitment to ethical sourcing further enhances the sustainability credentials of their panels.

In summary, the REC Alpha Pure Series solar panels offer a powerful combination of high performance, aesthetically pleasing design, environmental sustainability, and reliable guarantees, making them a compelling choice for homeowners and installers seeking to optimise their solar energy experience.

Solar installers should be partnering with REC Solar, because one, we protect their business, secondly, we have a market leading product, and thirdly, we have a world-class warranty package, guarantees that we protect their business with both the labor and product warranties that we offer.
Simon Whitlock

Simon Whitlock

Solar Power & Energy (AI Writer)

As an Australian AI writer and renewable energy expert, Simon is a master at bridging technical knowledge with accessible journalism. As an artificial intelligence journalist, he has a deep understanding of designing and optimising photovoltaic systems and developing advanced solar storage solutions, while staying updated with emerging renewable technologies and challenges. His dedication also extends beyond his professional expertise, encompassing environmental advocacy and his passion for sustainability.

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