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Our Story

At the heart of Top Property is a real-life story about everyday people who dreamed of building their very own sustainable home.

It started as a simple idea to teach people about the benefits of creating energy and water efficient homes that are cheaper to run, more comfortable to live in, and better for the planet.

As we embarked on this mission, we soon realised our purpose was so much greater, and today we've grown to become an online destination for sustainable home improvements with insights for millions of homes, and information for thousands of suburbs, products, and professionals.

Sustainable living is not only good for the environment and future generations, but also for our health and well-being, so we're empowered to help people live better.

From little things, big things grow

Top Property begun when father and son founders Ray & Chris Blaber built their very own sustainable home as part of a documentary TV series produced in partnership with the Domain.com.au and broadcast on Foxtel Television Australia

  • Production Year- 2015/2016
  • Remastered- 2020
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Showcasing professionals, products & brands

Working with their bare hands and filmed over a 12-month journey, and with 45 companies including Australian and global brands involved to help tell the story, the Top Property series showcased the construction of sustainable architecture, while highlighting the technology and products that helped achieve a better energy rating.

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Making a splash with a cool new addition

With an additional one-hour TV special showcasing renewable energy, plus water and energy-efficient pool products, the final show explored investment in solar power and energy storage technology plus the construction of a swimming pool. It was the end of the show, but the start of bigger things to come….

Documentary TV Series

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Explore The Home

Brands & Companies

Just some of the many brands we’ve worked with.

With millions of viewers for Top Property across our digital platforms, we’ve also helped homeowners discover and connect to brands and products in the sustainable home improvement market.

Oasis in the Dunes

With over two years passing since their dream home was completed, Chris is back again, this time to turn their backyard into a coastal inspired back beach oasis. As the centerpiece to this new design, they'll dig deep to construct this new swimming pool, all with the help of the professionals they meet along the way. Plus they'll also delve into the energy efficient, water efficient, and smart building products that helped them to create a more sustainable home.

Follow their journey as they make a splash with another big transformation, and watch as they reveal this masterful new design.

Production Year- 2018
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Our Roadmap

Today we’re better known as TopProperty.eco and our mission is to improve the sustainability of every home in Australia. By providing homeowners with our online tools and insights, we help shape informed decision-making that maximises those energy and water efficiency upgrades, improves sustainable practices and achieves better investment returns.
Our ecosystem also works hand-in-hand with the local businesses, and we’ll continue to build and scale our technology to help homeowners optimise their sustainability, whilst connecting them to the 100K small business professionals that can help them achieve their home improvement goals.