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The Advantages of Pre-Wired AC Boards for Enphase Microinverter Installations
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"We design our boards in-house and manufacture in-house. So there's always an engineer at the end of the phone, if you'd like to question them about a particular board, or if you need a custom board."

Solar installations, particularly those involving Enphase systems, can be complex undertakings. Unlike traditional DC string systems, Enphase setups require additional hardware, including an Envoy gateway (the system's "brains"), Q-Relays for grid islanding, and circuit protection switches. Pre-wired AC boards offer an all-in-one solution to these hardware requirements, significantly simplifying the installation process.

“ We exclusively use Enphase. My main motivation to start using Enphase was because of the risk of installing DC systems. So we started using Enphase exclusively.”

These pre-made AC boards, available in both indoor and outdoor configurations, incorporate all the essential components for an Enphase system installation. They house the Envoy, Q-Relay, and switch gear all in one convenient, pre-wired setup. This inclusive design not only eases the installation process but also enhances the safety and reliability of the entire solar system.

One of the main benefits of these boards is their quality. Brands such as Hagar, Legrand, and ABB, known for their excellence in the industry, provide the switch gear components, ensuring robust performance and long-lasting durability.

An equally significant advantage is the bespoke customer service that accompanies these boards. Since they're designed and manufactured in-house, there's always an engineer available to provide guidance, answer queries, or even create a custom board if necessary. This personalised service is particularly useful given the variability of installation sites, where space, existing infrastructure, and specific power needs can differ greatly.

Ultimately, the appeal of pre-wired AC boards lies in their simplicity and flexibility.

They offer a streamlined solution to the often complex and site-specific challenges of Enphase system installations. For installers, this means fewer components to purchase separately, less planning required, and a more straightforward installation process — a win-win for efficiency and safety.

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