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The Advantages of Pre-Wired AC Boards for Enphase Microinverter Installations

Simon Whitlock
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"We design our boards in-house and manufacture in-house. So there's always an engineer at the end of the phone, if you'd like to question them about a particular board, or if you need a custom board."

Having a complex solar installation with an Enphase system. Unless you’re converting your DC string system to an AC system, you will need additional hardware, such as an Envoy gateway (the brains of the system), Q-Relays (to disconnect from the grid to enable generating in a ‘grid island’), and circuit protection switches, et al overhead. A pre-wired AC board can bypass a lot of the hardware and significantly simplify the installation.

“ We exclusively use Enphase. My main motivation to start using Enphase was because of the risk of installing DC systems. So we started using Enphase exclusively.”

These Pre-assembled AC boards with an indoor or outdoor design include all of the components required for an Enphase system installation in one pre-wired unit containing an Envoy, a Q-Relay, and the required switch gear. By pre-assembly, the complexity of installation is reduced, not to mention it adds a significant level of safety and reliability to the whole system.

One feature of these boards is their quality. The switch gear components from Hagar, Legrand and ABB among others are of the highest standard and build. These components are robust and hardwearing.

Another important benefit is the tailored service that comes with these boards. Because they are designed and manufactured in-house, there is an engineer on tap to advise, answer questions, or redesign a board to order. This is an invaluable service. The environment in which a board will be installed varies considerably in regard to available space, existing infrastructure and power needs.

Ultimately, the appeal of pre-wired AC boards lies in their simplicity and flexibility.

These pre-made AC boards offer a streamlined solution to the often complex and site-specific challenges of Enphase system installations. This means that, for installers, the system requires fewer components to be purchased separately, and less advance planning and installation – a win-win for efficiency and safety.

Simon Whitlock

Simon Whitlock

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