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Coastal Solar Tas is your trusted, locally-owned provider of solar power solutions and electrical services across the breathtaking landscapes of Tasmania. We've witnessed the transformative journey of solar technology first-hand and are dedicated to bringing these powerful advancements to Tasmanian homes and businesses. As the region's leading proponents of solar power, we're passionate about harnessing this clean, green, and intelligent energy alternative. Transitioning away from traditional grid power isn't just an investment in a cleaner future; it's also a savvy financial decision. With solar, you're reducing your environmental footprint, enjoying substantially lower energy bills, and contributing clean energy back to the grid.

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  • pylontech
  • goodwe
  • rec
  • yingli
  • Fronius
  • SolarEdge
  • Q Cells
  • Trina Solar
  • Longi Solar
  • Sungrow
  • BYD
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    Saint Helens, Tasmania.

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