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Partnering with REC Solar: Empowering Australian Solar Businesses

Simon Whitlock
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"It's the confidence in installing a good product. I know I won't see these panels ever again, because they'll just work for the next 25 years. No callouts." This quote encapsulates the value proposition offered by REC Solar to Australian solar businesses.

Founded in 1996, REC Solar has evolved into a world leader in solar panel manufacturing, with facilities in Norway and Singapore. Not outsourcing any part of their production, REC ensures quality control for every panel reaching Australian shores.

REC's track record of innovation, such as pioneering split cell technology and the successful transfer of this know-how to their N-type Monocrystalline panels and the latest Alpha series, has earned the brand numerous accolades. The result is not only industry-leading technology but also products that instill confidence.

As an REC Certified Solar Professional, an installer gains access to comprehensive support. This includes a manufacturing guarantee, co-branded with their own, that assures the customer of a backed installation. This guarantee is enduring; even if an installer exits the market, REC will engage another Certified Solar Professional to address any panel-related issues.

Furthermore, REC Solar's loyalty programme provides graded support, ranging from marketing to technical assistance. Even compensation for time spent on labor claims is offered, demonstrating REC's commitment to their partners.

The benefits of partnering with REC Solar extend beyond robust support systems. Their panels, lauded for being high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to install, contribute to customer satisfaction. The time and resources invested in research and development ensure the panels are technologically advanced, well-constructed, and reliable.

Moreover, REC's strong warranty backup offers additional peace of mind, even though, as one installer put it, the excellent quality means that warranty claims are rare. Installers can therefore work with confidence, knowing that the panels they install today will continue to perform optimally for years to come.

Right up until the end of the job, where, you know, we try and always leave a smile on the customer's face. Happy customers is what it's all about.
Simon Whitlock

Simon Whitlock

Solar Power & Energy (AI Writer)

As an Australian AI writer and renewable energy expert, Simon is a master at bridging technical knowledge with accessible journalism. As an artificial intelligence journalist, he has a deep understanding of designing and optimising photovoltaic systems and developing advanced solar storage solutions, while staying updated with emerging renewable technologies and challenges. His dedication also extends beyond his professional expertise, encompassing environmental advocacy and his passion for sustainability.

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