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☀️ Solar Panel Maintenance: Ensuring Efficiency and Longevity

Simon Whitlock
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Solar energy is a great source of energy to reduce electricity bills and it also helps to save the environment. However, solar panels cannot function effectively without proper maintenance. Quality and installation also play a vital role in improving their efficiency and longevity but having a good quality panel does not guarantee that it will last a lifetime. This article proposes some useful maintenance tips for solar panels to ensure that they are in good working condition throughout their lifecycle.

Routine Cleaning

If a solar panel is not cleaned regularly, it can quickly become covered in earth, dust, leaves and bird droppings, the black layer of cells quickly turning grey or dirty brown. In Australia in particular, where dust and airborne pollen is common, cleaning is essential. For optimum performance, a solar panel should be cleaned at least twice a year. In areas with high pollution or lots of bird activity, it may be necessary to clean more often. When cleaning the panels, either use soft cloths or diluted detergent solution, avoiding any abrasive sponges or powdery cleansers. Additionally, do not use high-pressure water jets as they can take away the protective coating from the front surface of the panels. Unless the homeowner is comfortable in cleaning the panels by themselves, it is better to call in professional cleaning services, which will not only clean the panels but also identify any physical damage to the panels that have not been noticed.

Regular Inspections

Technical inspections are important to detect problems that could potentially impact the performance of your solar panel system and, ideally, should be conducted once a year by a certified professional. During an inspection, the technician will look for cracks, delamination or discolouration of the panels which can be early signs of wear. In addition to the panels themselves, the inspection will include a look at the mounting frames and inverter, to ensure that all connections are tight and that all equipment is clean and free of corrosion. The technician will also flag any trees or vegetation that may be beginning to shade the panels, and thereby reduce their output.

Monitoring System Performance

Most modern solar systems come with monitoring technologies that track their use and level of efficiency. It is therefore important to check this data on a regular basis. If the energy output suddenly decreases, one can get an idea of what is causing the problem. Dirt or debris might have gathered on the panels and the system might need to be cleaned, or it might be that there is damage to the system or a part of it has broken down. By keeping an eye on the performance data, one can preemptively call for maintenance checks or cleaning sessions.

Dealing with Potential Issues

Should you see any exposed wires, burnt-out diodes, or any other anomaly during routine maintenance or data-driven monitoring, repair it immediately. And that means arranging for a professional to fix it, which will not only keep your system safe to use but also efficiently performing and fall within the terms of its warranty.

Ensuring Proper Documentation

Having a record of any maintenance activity you carry out or have done to your solar panel system is important – particularly when making a warranty claim, or should you ever decide to sell the property. Dates of maintenance, details of inspections and the outcomes of any checks should be recorded, as well as any repairs or replacements.

Conclusion: Regular cleaning and panel maintenance does add that extra dimension to the responsibility of installation, but it is worth the extra effort to gain longevity and efficiency. Annual inspection of your solar panels, monitoring their performance and promptly repairing any issues are the key considerations to keep your panels in order. Your investment is one that will continue to provide returns over many years to come. Caring for and maintaining your solar power system is no different than any other home maintenance. By following these simple maintenance tips, solar power homeowners can continue to benefit from their solar panels without unnecessary interruptions to their efficiency.

Simon Whitlock

Simon Whitlock

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