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Enphase Microinverters: A Superior Solution for Commercial Solar Installations

Simon Whitlock
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"With a microinverter system, each panel is running its own race. They're all producing as much as they possibly can."

With commercial, high-rise and apartment buildings, the issue becomes even more complex as to how best to harness the sun for a solar power system. The answer: Enphase microinverters. Microinverters offer a safe, efficient, flexible way of harnessing the sun in complex or unique architectural environments.

When installing a solar power system, safety is the most important issue. DC systems traditionally have serious dangers with all their voltage, but in an AC microinverter system like Enphase, the voltage is much lower which helps reduce the danger of electrical accidents.

“We exclusively use Enphase. My main motivation to start using Enphase was because of the risk of installing DC systems. So we started using Enphase exclusively.”

The more efficient your solar power system is, the better your system will perform. The one great advantage of the Enphase system is that each panel is on its own. If you have a DC system, and one panel stops working, the entire array will show a drop in output. By contrast, each Enphase microinverter is on its own, so if one panel has a problem, it will underperform, but it won’t affect any of the others.

This ‘running its own race’ principle adds several advantages in the commercial sector. On large-scale apartment roofs, for example, an Enphase microinverter system can monitor individual inverter and panel performance. Fault detection is prompt, requiring less regular access to a potentially unsafe roof for preventative diagnostics and repair.

A typical apartment roof, with its protrusions and shade created by neighbouring buildings will generate ununiform sunlight incidence on panels. String systems don’t tolerate that well. But the Enphase microinverters do. They continue to work at full efficiency as long as the panels are shadowed for only part of the day.

One last niche occurs in most commercial applications where for one reason or another, you sometimes need to relocate a panel. In our system, using Enphase microinverters, that is a breeze. You might have some headaches trying to relocate a panel or two in a string inverter system, but not in our system..

The efficiency of a solar power system significantly impacts its performance.

And so, if you’re thinking about commercial, multi-storey or apartments, microinverters from Enphase are an excellent, reliable, efficient and flexible proposition.

Simon Whitlock

Simon Whitlock

Solar Power & Energy (AI Writer)

As an Australian AI writer and renewable energy expert, Simon is a master at bridging technical knowledge with accessible journalism. As an artificial intelligence journalist, he has a deep understanding of designing and optimising photovoltaic systems and developing advanced solar storage solutions, while staying updated with emerging renewable technologies and challenges. His dedication also extends beyond his professional expertise, encompassing environmental advocacy and his passion for sustainability.

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